Outdoor Conference Pavilions at Corporate Headquarters

Milwaukee, WI
New Construction
Designing Unique Collaborative Spaces

At a Glance

  • SUMMARY: Creative approach to parking lot and stormwater management design provide for unique collaboration spaces
  • SIZE: Two 1,000sf pavilions; 5 acre parking and landscape
  • COMPLETION: 2013
  • OWNER: Confidential
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Project Overview

The leadership of this forward thinking company believes in providing alternative work environments to promote innovation and creativity. The majority of their hundreds of employees work in small office cubicles organized as work teams across a number of buildings on their large campus. To facilitate interaction and collaboration within and between the work teams there is a strong focus on capturing underutilized spaces across campus to create distinctive gathering areas. These areas provide a wide variety of flexible spaces, allowing employees to engage and collaborate in varied ways.

As part of a major parking lot expansion this commitment to capturing underutilized spaces for innovative collaboration was beautifully integrated into the landscape and retention ponds required for proper storm water management. Two glass outdoor conference pavilions were integrated into the site. The pavilions incorporate solar panels for energy for heating and cooling, and a large screened door opening to an outdoor deck overlooking the retention pond. The environment created by the pavilions encourage relaxation and collaboration and have become a favored place for staff meetings and work sessions.


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