The Barclay campus consists of 3 buildings within a larger historic district in Walker’s Point. The 3 buildings are being renovated from an industrial warehouse use to market rate multi family housing. They are separated from each other by a thoroughfare. The challenge was to create a cohesive campus and re-imagine the historic buildings in a modern context. While the existing building facades are renovated per historic guidelines, two new volumes have been added on opposite sides of the street to create entrance lobbies for each building. The two new volumes engage in a dialogue with each other with their sweeping canopies and transparent glazed walls. This dialogue creates an intangible connection between the two sides of the street, tethering the buildings to each other, creating a cohesive fabric for the campus, and activating the street. The exposed steel structure pays homage to the industrial history of the site and to the neighborhood.

A historic steel stair and elevator volume is encased in a new 4 story glass tower, a showcase that reinvents a 100 year old ‘mundane’ piece of history into a street level public art installation. At night, the glass tower glows and becomes a beacon both for the history of the site, and the residential campus. The stimulating mix of old and new reflects the dynamic and diverse culture of the Walker’s Point neighborhood.

See exclusive shots of the existing building and read a great overview of the project featuring interviews with principal-in-charge Falamak Nuorzad and associate Vaishali Wagh in this Milwaukee Business Journal article.