vaishali-photoVaishali Wagh, RA, LEEP AP, is a design architect at Continuum Architects + Planners who incorporates a cosmopolitan perspective and fine arts experience into her architectural design sensibilities. She earned her BA in architecture in her home country of India.  A few years later, she came to the United States to earn her Master of Science in Architecture at Iowa State. She met her husband and stayed in the U.S. and went on to add a Master of Arts from Ball State University with a focus on ceramic art.  She has taught architecture courses at Ball State and an innovative design studio-course aimed at high performing high school students at UC-Berkeley’s Academic Talent Development Program.  She has won numerous awards for her artistic and academic performance.

On the two disciplines Vaishali says, “I’m always looking to combine the architecture and the ceramics disciplines because one informs the other.  Both are about manipulating form and space.”

For Vaishali, both disciplines are about creating containers of space, but one discipline she approaches from a construction perspective, the other from that of deconstruction.

“I create a vessel form in clay, cut it apart, and reassemble the fragments.  Perhaps this is a reflection of my own fragmented existence in between cultures, places, and professions,” she says.



Further explaining her process, illustrated in the photos above, she says, “I see the vessel form as a skin that contains space. Space that has the infinite capacity to change. I make a wheel thrown vessel form, cut it into sections, and then reassemble the fragments using methods such as slicing, folding, shifting, stacking, overlapping, adding, subtracting, twisting, rotating and inserting. The result is a complex spatial construction in place of a singular form.”

Vaishali’s unique combination of disciplines and global perspective provide her a discerning eye an an ability to design space and form at a variety of scales–from intimate interiors to large scale urban design.   By being a keen listener she bridges the poetry of architecture with the functional and programmatic goals of a building.

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She has worked on diverse and numerous projects for Continuum, including Direct Supply, Inc., UWM School of Freshwater Science interior, Paper Box Lofts, St. Louis Job Corps, Broadway Lofts, The Barclay/Historic Pittsburgh Plate Glass, and National Avenue Lofts among others.  A portfolio of these projects is showcased in the images at the top of this page.

More of Vaishali’s ceramic work can be viewed on her website.