Welford Sanders Deconstruction-6

A volunteer with Habitat for Humanity’s deconstruction crew removes salvageable items.

Continuum is guided by a mission of quadruple bottom line–people, purpose, profit, planet–which informs how we approach all aspects of our business, including how we gut a building before construction. Recently we had the opportunity to partner with Habitat for Humanity on deconstruction of our Welford Sanders Lofts project.

“Working with Habitat on deconstruction is a virtuous cycle: their volunteer crew removes all the salvageable materials that would otherwise perhaps end up in a dumpster,” said project principal-in-charge, Corey Lapworth, NCARB, AIA, CDT. The reclaimed items, which include everything from furniture to carpet to ceiling tiles, are then sold in Habitat’s Restores. Earnings from the sale of the used items go to support Habitat’s mission of building simple, decent and affordable housing.

“If you are going to have a dumpster or demo team, call Habitat Deconstruction for a cheaper, faster, more sustainable solution with a tax benefit,” states our contact, Jake Weiler, manager of Habitat’s Deconstruction division.

The non-profit had about 20 volunteers on-site working an estimated 115 hours in one day to clean out the former office spaces. “Jake’s team was efficient and effective,” Lapworth observed.  “We will definitely work with them again on other Continuum projects.”

WUWM environmental reporter Susan Bence got a tour of the Welford Sanders project from Lapworth while the deconstruction team was there. She posted this story.