Since our inception in 1996,

We’ve approached each project with two questions:
1. How will this structure’s inhabitants interact with what we create?
2. How will the community create meaning around this space?


These questions of purpose serve as our creative starting point.  From there, we can ideate freely and plan pragmatically to arrive at an exciting design for our clients.





Our spaces are built to intrigue, capture the imagination, and provide a framework for experiencing life and engaging with others in a meaningful way.


We are measured and purposeful when designing and developing to ensure our clients’ desires are met creatively and responsibly.


We value authenticity and honesty in our relationships and stand beside our clients, consultants and communities as we create meaningful spaces together.

  • Robert
    Robert Barr
  • Falamak
    Falamak Nourzad
  • Corey
    Corey Lapworth
  • Mike
    Michael Soto