107th and Bradley

Milwaukee, WI
Creating a new pattern for multifamily housing development


  • SUMMARY: Proposal for 21 townhomes and 11 market-rate apartment buildings
  • SIZE: 9 acres, 16 buildings (101 total units)
  • COMPLETION: Estimated 2020
  • OWNER: Haywood Group
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Project Overview

This proposal seeks to explore a new pattern of multifamily housing development that includes on-site water management and creates a strong sense of community in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Continuum was approached to design and program a new, modern housing development on 9 acres of land in North Milwaukee. Our design process included providing several diffrent and unique options to create just the right amount of density for this housing development.

Continuum created 4 new prototypes of housing which included a 16-unit two-story apartment building, an 8-unit two-story apartment building and two different 2-story 4-unit apartment buildings. The units include a mix of 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom units with views of the surrounding greenery and a more urban feel with sidewalks.


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