Cambridge Condominiums

Milwaukee, WI
New Construction
First Townhouse in Milwaukee Certified by Wisconsin Energy Star

At a Glance

  • SUMMARY:  New urban three-story 2-3 bedrooms townhomes
  • SIZE: 5 units, 3 bathrooms
  • COMPLETION: 2006
  • CONSTRUCTION COST: $1.7 million
  • OWNER: Olson Real Estate
  • CERTIFICATION: Wisconsin Energy Star
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Project Overview

Careful design consideration was needed to infill a vacant lot with new condominiums. The units had to appeal to the young population of Milwaukee’s lower east side, yet fit into the established neighborhood. The exterior solution elevates traditional materials in a non-conventional way to provide a modern look. As an example, clean mitered corners along anodized channels are used in place of traditional siding as trim details.

The wood-frame building contains five three-story units buffered from the sidewalk by green space and carriage walks. For privacy, the unit layout places the primary living space on the second and third floors and leaves the first floor to serve as an office or guest room. Each unit also has a private rooftop patio.

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