Masterplan: Spring Street Housing Development

Mt. Pleasant, WI
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  • SUMMARY: Housing master plan for single- and multi-family uses
  • SIZE: 50 acres of development
    • 340 apartments (17 units/acre)
    • 119 townhomes (9.9 units/acre)
    • 29 Single family lots
    • 488 total units
  • COMPLETION: Masterplan – 2019
  • OWNER: Lansing Companies


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Stemming from recent investment in the Village, this development along one of its main thoroughfares seeks to complement nearby new healthcare facilities as well as incoming manufacturing development. Providing a mixture of single-family lots, townhomes and multi-unit apartment buildings, the concept plan transforms former farmland into a residential through walkable roads and public greenspaces.

A central boulevard draws car and pedestrian traffic through the development towards a large green square at the southern end. Several options were created with different approaches of connecting to a proposed road linking Spring Street to Washington Ave to the South.

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