Masterplan: Yorkville

Yorkville, WI
Town square at the Interstate


  • SUMMARY: Masterplan for new retail development adjacent to I-94
  • SIZE:84,000 sf New Retail Space, 35,500 sf New Hospitality Space, 20,000 sf New Service Space
  • OWNER: Lansing Co?
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Project Overview

Located right off I-94 along Durand Ave, this 28.3-acre development proposes several new retail spaces and amenities that will serve as a gateway to the southern half of Yorkville.

The concept for sub-dividing this plot is based on creation of a town square. The lot division and the land development set out to create a Brand and act as a gateway to Yorkville Community.

Needs are turned into amenities here. The site needed its own independent water distribution system, including a well.. The well is planned to be located under the central green. Since we needed to have this, we thought of a way to utilize the grounds above for activity and functional use for people. Therefore, central to the scheme is a 4-acre public green space, which is needed and can be programmed space, potentially for public events or farmer’s markets, or just play area for kids, and festive activity. Additional elements such as band stand and benches can activate this park-like setting to its fullest potential.

The site slopes to the south and it became natural to locate the water retention system via a drainage pond at this location. There is no piped sewer system available for the site so naturally we had to have an independent area underground for septic tanks. The location was identified along the southern edge of the site. Next to the drainage pond with surface area greened and planted with trees, we have developed a visually pleasing natural area. Additionally, we needed a water distribution system and once again the site had to be independently functional with a water well of its own.

The primary entrance to the site is along Durand Ave, which brings one to the central green immediately and orients them with this very identifiable feature. Tethered to this town square and directly west bound is a large anchor retail store with adjacent parking to serve its use. This will also be highly visible from the highway and could be a grocery store and a hub of activity for the area. Three strip-retail pads along Durand and north of this anchor retail going westward are fashioned to have quick access from the street and ample area for a fast food-pick-up lane in addition to parking lot design of their own.

The farthest west portion of site narrows such that it becomes less desirable for retail, however we have located mini-storage building units here as additional use,

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