Next Door Foundation – Milwaukee

Milwaukee, WI
Signage Wall and Colored Glass Brand Building

At A Glance

  • SUMMARY: Exterior addition of walkways, wall, signage, and building brand
  • COMPLETION: Summer 2018
  • OWNER: Next Door Foundation
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Project Overview

Next Door Foundation provides early support and education for inner city children and families throughout Milwaukee. This project seeks to improve their egress sequence, and brand a previously bland building. Continuum designed the signage panels architecturally rather than through a signage manufacturer. In doing so, they were able to cut costs dramatically and use sustainable fly-ash materials having over 70% recycled content. The wall not only serves as a guardrail and signage piece, but also provides a safe passage to a playground on the North of the site. In an effort to make the whole building more cohesive, the color of existing spandrel glazing pieces were changed to reflect the foundation’s logo. Their random arrangement brings a playfulness to an otherwise bare facade.

The fast pace of the project required Continuum’s full involvement in the bidding and contractor selection process, which began just months before the hard deadline for substantial completion – the beginning of the school year.

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