The Women’s Center

Waukesha, WI
New Construction
A Safe, Private Environment for Healing

At a Glance

  • SUMMARY:  New facility for families experiencing domestic violence
  • SIZE: 32 shelter beds, 5 transitional housing units, 24,550 sf
  • COMPLETION: October 2002
  • CONSTRUCTION COST: $2 million
  • OWNER: The Women’s Center
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Project Overview

The Women’s Center provides comprehensive services that address issues of domestic violence, sexual assault, and abuse. In 2002, they owned six neighboring parcels that housed their main office and five transitional living homes. In order to create a united campus, Continuum helped them through the City of Waukesha’s arduous rezoning process and plan commission approval to make the land one parcel. Once this was accomplished, a new campus design was created.

One home was demolished to create the main access drive and a new three-story building was centrally located to provide residents with easy access to support services and the playground. The lower level contains a food pantry, indoor children’s area, and a volunteer room. The first floor houses the center’s program and counseling center. The second floor provides 32 emergency beds for those fleeing domestic violence, and the third floor consists of five two-bedroom apartments for transitional living. Each floor is distinctly separated for heightened security and to accommodate specific program needs.

Overall, the architecture fits within an historic, residential district. Numerous meetings were held to mitigate neighbor’s concerns about the bulk of the structure. As a solution, the building is designed as a residential “mansion” with the 3rd floor tucked inside of the sloping roof. This $2,000,000 facility provides multiple support services within a soothing, secure environment that serves over 300 adults and almost 150 children.

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