Torah Academy

Milwaukee, WI
New Construction
Providing Superior Education for Young Women

At a glance

  • SUMMARY: New building
  • SIZE: 13,360 sf
  • COMPLETION: August 2008
  • CONSTRUCTION COST: $1.2 million
  • OWNER: Torah Academy of Milwaukee
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Project Overview

As the Torah Academy of Milwaukee’s enrollment grew, they needed new space to provide secular and religious education to high school girls. Continuum designed a 13,360-square foot school with additional space in the basement for future expansion. The architecture blends into the residential neighborhood and space includes five classrooms that each seat 75 students, a special needs classroom, computer lab, a multi-purpose/community room, a prayer room, and administrative facilities.

The building is located at the back of the lot surrounded by trees in order to provide a desired level of privacy. Ample windows, clerestories, and light monitors filter in natural daylight, creating a pleasing and spiritual ambiance. The building is organized into a learning wing with classrooms and a gathering wing with the prayer room and multipurpose room. The two wings are separated by a processional sequence of the main entry, reception, and honor wall culminating at the spiritual center of the school–the prayer room.

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