Waukesha State Office Building

Waukesha, WI
New Construction, Renovation
Innovative Natural Lighting Creates Pleasant Workspace

At a Glance

  • SUMMARY: An addition and renovation consolidating all Waukesha State departments into one building
  • SIZE: 67,000 sf addition, 60,000 sf renovation
  • COMPLETION: 2003
  • CONSTRUCTION COST: $8.9 million
  • OWNER: State of Wisconsin
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Innovative natural lighting creates pleasant workspace

Programming and design for 127,000 square feet of office space created a unified State Service Center for public use.  To consolidate all of Waukesha’s state agencies under one roof, the building design concept integrated the programming needs of 12 State departments, the City of Waukesha’s master plan for the downtown area, and Fox River’s riverwalk development into one unique solution that serves the public and acts as the gateway to downtown. The design successfully makes efficient use of the connection between the two buildings.  Following the angle of the river, it aids in wayfinding and also provides common areas such as conference rooms and a library that lead into the offices.

The addition’s new main entrance and lofty canopy directly faces the street for visitor convenience.  Natural light is integrated throughout the office space with outward sloping exterior walls.  When combined with interior light shelves and a sophisticated lighting scheme, a pleasant and bright working environment is created.


  • Excellence in Engineering Design for Integration of Daylighting, State of Wisconsin, 2004
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