Corey Lapworth

Principal, AIA, NCAIP

For Corey, watching a project develop from initial sketches into a fully-formed structure is the most thrilling aspect of being an architect.  It is balancing the technical aspects of how buildings are constructed with the design of creating space. When these are both mastered you have beautiful spaces and successful buildings. 

From a very young age, Corey was always interested in building and was the first to lend a hand around the house with home renovation projects.  This interest made Corey strive to be an architect.  This ability to see building in a detail-oriented mindset of construction but still understand the big picture of a project is what sets his skills apart from others.         

Throughout his 20+ year career at Continuum, he has continued to grow and refine both his design acumen and his project management skill. Corey plays a leadership role in the firm and manages projects, including our most complex projects of all different building types.  He has been project manager and architect for projects ranging from multi-family residential, interior office renovations and large multi-building campuses for the Department of Labor Job Corps Centers.    

With a background in both architecture and urban planning, Corey strives to create harmonious relationships between buildings and the surrounding context – all with an eye for the human experience. 

Architectural design for Corey should reflect clean and simple aesthetics, it should take its cues from the context, materials, and forms.  In the last few years, Corey has been on many trips around the United States’ many National Parks, and in those trips he has seen the simple, peaceful beauty of nature and how that relates to architecture.