What We Do

Architecture goes beyond design and construction of a building – it represents an investment in the future. At Continuum, our designers are committed to understanding how a project can positively impact all of the stakeholders, from the client, to end-users, to the community. Our design philosophy is grounded in creating intelligent, innovative designs that aim to elevate our clients and the communities they serve.

Our team provides a suite of services that help our clients take their vision through to completion. From the initial master planning, space planning, and programming phases, through to detailed design, interior design and finishes, and construction administration – we provide consistent attention to detail and client engagement throughout the life of a project. 


Architecture goes beyond designing and constructing a building – it represents an investment in the future. Our designs are visionary – built to capture the imagination and encourage meaningful engagement. Our philosophy is grounded in creating intelligent, innovative designs that aim to elevate our clients and the communities they serve.  See More »


Every space has a story to tell. Interior architecture is just one way to give that story a voice. Our designers use a holistic approach that balances big picture goals with small-scale details that enhance the user experience. Interior design is a 3D exercise at Continuum, with scale, sequence and hierarchy of spaces informing texture, color, and aesthetic finishes. This approach assures that the interior space is an extension of the exterior and evokes the intended emotional response from the users as they move through the space. See More »

Services - Planning

Master Planning & Facilities Planning

Planning for the future is a large part of architecture. Our design professionals bring decades of experience in developing campus master plans, corporate and redevelopment master plans, and facilities plans. By creating an articulated long-term vision, our team helps our clients plan for future growth, anticipate shift in market trends, and ensures that time and investment is used efficiently. Through our planning process our team takes the time to understand your goals, and translates them into an implementable master plan that reflects your organization’s mission. See More »


Programming and Space Utilization

A clear understanding of how our client’s work is central to designing inspiring and compelling spaces. Our programming and space utilization process begins by interviewing key end users, learning how your organization conducts business, manages staff, and interacts within the space. As designers, our objective is to use great design to reinforce your core values and culture, while still creating a more efficient, forward-thinking, and flexible space. See More »


Laboratory Planning

In the global race for innovation research and technology comes  an increase demand for highly technical lab facilities. The rise of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) programs are driving a need for college campuses, research institutes and technology-based corporations remain competitive in the market, which means providing their students and staff with state of the art lab facilities. These facilities have specific parameters based on the types of research and technology required. Our team understands the complex and specialized needs of these research and innovation spaces, and work closely with our clients to create engaging, interdisciplinary, and interactive lab spaces. See More »



Fair Housing Act Design & Consulting

Continuum Architects believes that everyone should have access to the most basic needs – and that includes a place to live. For over 20 years, our designers have worked with developers, community groups, nonprofits, and housing authorities to provide affordable housing options within our local communities. Our understanding of complex funding options allow us to help clients navigate State and Federal Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC). We also believe low-income does not mean low quality. We continue to research trends in the design and implementation of affordable housing to incorporate design strategies to minimize any negative stigma associated with low-income housing. See More »


Historic Consulting

At Continuum, we revel in the opportunity to give historic building new life through historic renovation and adaptive reuse. Our team takes a scholarly approach to researching a building’s past uses and historical significance, preparing nominations for the National Registry of Historic Places, and helping clients navigate complex historic certification and tax credit approval application process. See More »


Architectural visualization is much more than creating beautiful renderings. Our team uses these tools to explore new ideas, translate these ideas into a format that helps our clients and stakeholders visualize the final product, and engage a broader audience. Visualization is an iterative and interactive process throughout the life of a project that ranges from simple massing studies and renderings, to highly detailed animations and videos. Collectively, these visualization tools help compose a story, invoke emotion, and inspire viewers. See More »

Sustainable & Resilient Design

Designing for the future means understanding emerging trends and technologies for a more sustainable and resilient building.  There are many strategies available in our toolkit – from the US Green Building Council’s LEED rating system, to energy saving models, to designing for Well Buildings. At Continuum, we start with the easiest solutions, and help our clients be informed of other ways to improve return on investment through innovative sustainability building technologies. See More »


Project Management

Meticulous project management is one of Continuum Architect’s core values. Our leadership and project management approach has led large national teams through complex projects while maintaining a high degree of control, coordination and client satisfaction. Every successful contract is founded on the abilities of diverse groups of people who communicate effectively and build working relationships quickly. Our team creates strong partnership between the client, the design team, consultants, contractor, engineers, and end users. From concept to completion, our team coordinates each project with honesty, open communication and a commitment to bringing life to our client’s vision. Our processes and partnerships with our consultants allow us to efficiently manage project research, budgets, contracting, and construction. See More »



Construction Administration

Similar to our approach for project management, Continuum believes that the execution of our design vision is critical to every project. To that end, our team remains dedicated throughout the life of the project, including the construction phase. At the onset of a project, our team maps out a comprehensive plan for construction administration which includes routine team meetings, onsite check-ins with the client, consultants, and contractors, and maintains constant communication with the overall team. See More »


Change Management

They key to successfully implementing a new workplace design model depends on having a successful change management plan. As more companies and organizations look to shift their physical workplace and culture, it becomes increasingly important to communicate a coherent strategy to employees and staff on how these changes may impact them. Continuum Architects has helped clients to prepare change management plans for corporations, County, City ,and State governmental agencies that help ease these often drastic workplace shifts that result in a positive outcome. See More »