To effectively design your space, we need to understand you. Our programming process is the means by which we delve deep into an analysis not just of your space needs, but also the organization’s approach to managing work and staff within the space, the culture, how you conduct your business, your core values, your vision for growth, any external forces impacting your business and more.

Utilizing tools such as focus groups, leadership interviews and even town hall meetings if appropriate, we mine the vital information needed to guide clients along the path to optimally achieve their operational and spatial needs as well as accomplish more subtle goals around culture and employee attitudes.

Campus + Master Planning

Planning for the future is a large part of architecture. Without an articulated vision, time and money will be wasted. The decades of experience of the Continuum principals comes particularly in to play with master and campus planning and we’re called upon by several clients to guide them through the process for each new project, because the outcome is so effective.

Through our planning process our team asks the right questions so we can not only visualize your future with you, we can translate it into a master plan design that reflects your values and visions for growth. Such a plan takes into account both what exists today and how to create a critical bridge to the future that has continuity and a logical progression.

Interior design

Creating interior architecture is as critical as the design of the building itself. Both are enhanced when the exterior and the interior play off each other and are approached as an integrated whole.  As such, all our design architects carry their concepts from the outside on through to the inside, creating a continuity of experience for the user.

Interior design is approached as a 3-D exercise at Continuum, with the scale, sequencing and hierarchy being designed prior to the 2-dimensional application of texture, color, and functional and aesthetic surfaces.  This approach assures that the interior space is an extension of the exterior and evokes the intended emotional response from the user as he or she moves through the space.

Sustainable Design

At Continuum, sustainability in architecture is about investing in outcomes. Our portfolio demonstrates we are passionate about sustainable design, and relish the opportunity to work on projects that implement innovative sustainable design principles and strategies. Our goal is to raise awareness for occupants, users, and the community about the impact of their interaction with their physical environment.   To solve any given problem, we start with the simplest and least invasive tools and firmly believe in reducing and reusing before investing in new technologies.

Historic Preservation / Renovation

For some clients, erecting a new structure pales in comparison to moving into a space rich with architectural and historical significance. At Continuum, we revel in the opportunity to give these spaces new life through rehabilitated and updated interiors. We have the expertise to help eligible clients place their buildings on the National Register of Historic Places and obtain proper historic tax credits for the renovation costs of their buildings. Navigating through the state and federal historic certification and tax credit approval applications is a complex process, made simple with Continuum’s experience and knowledge.

Project Management

Our leadership and project management approach has led large national teams through complex projects while maintaining a high degree of control, coordination and client satisfaction. Every successful contract is founded on the abilities of diverse groups of people to communicate effectively and build working relationships quickly. Our team utilizes a partnering approach that includes the design team, the contractor, engineers, and end users.

From concept to completion, our team coordinates each project with honesty, open communication and a commitment to bringing life to our client’s vision. Our processes and partnerships with our consultants allow us to efficiently manage project research, budgets, contracting, and construction all the while ensuring:
• Adequacy of budget
• Adequacy of schedule
• Capacity to perform
• Time commitment of key personnel
• Quality assurance plan
• Coordination of Construction administration process
• Accurate and comprehensive construction documents
• Timely communication
• Timely resolution of issues