Mandel | Continuum’s Harlow & Hem proposal selected over competitors

Wauwatosa’s Community Development Authority on Wednesday voted to continue negotiations with Mandel Group, selecting it over the other three proposals. That came after three previous meetings where those proposals were reviewed. 

In presenting its plans to the CDA in late January, Mandel officials noted it was a lower-density development than the other options. The project consists of two connected structures, each four stories tall. It includes a green space neighboring the patios of the neighboring Anodyne cafe, Niemann’s Chocolates and the Draft & Vessel.

Of the 89 apartments in the buildings, 20% would be priced for people earning 80% or less than the area’s income, with some of those priced for people earning 60% or less. Specifics regarding the property sale and other project details must still be negotiated before the project moves forward.

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