UW-Madison Chemical & biological engineering lab Pre-Design Study / Madison, WI

This advanced planning study has developed plans to provide the College of Engineering’s Chemical and Biological Engineering department (CBE) with modern, state-of-the-art, flexible, and welcoming space for undergraduate laboratory instruction in the fields of Chemical and Biological Engineering.  This new laboratory space will allow CBE to efficiently and safely expand their teaching activities, expand their enrollment and decrease time to degree and allow students the opportunity to work in space designed to simulate on the job conditions they are likely to encounter post-graduation.

The study has also developed plans to improve upon existing outdated research space. The design provides for flexible occupancy and use, shared research instrumentation, enhanced collaboration, and greater productivity for the researchers. The renovated area also includes the repurposing of existing office space and an adjacent hallway into the lab space, greatly improving the utilization of available space.

Both the teaching labs and the research labs are bright, daylit, and accessible, with safe, convenient support spaces, new casework, lab safety equipment and complete replacement of the MEP distribution systems.

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