One Mayfair Place/ Milwaukee, WI

Franklin City Hall currently has two entrances on its front façade. We visualized the two entrances as bookends spanned by a space in between defined by the existing wall plane and the ground plane. Our approach was to reimagine each of these elements so that holistically the building would have a more emphatic presence.

The entrances are envisioned as markers that welcome users and add presence and scale to the building. Elements such as signage, lighting, paving reinforce the entry sequence. The wall plane is a composite of the windows and cladding panels that are redesigned in various modern compositions. However, it also encloses programmatic space such as the Council Chamber and Community room on the inside. How can these interior spaces be expressed on the exterior? The ground plane is designed as a public space where people are encouraged to interact. Landscaped areas and patios along the primary circulation pathways provide for these social opportunities.

The three options are presented as a kit of parts rather than a fully-integrated scheme. Components from each option can be put together to create an optimal solution based on priorities, phasing and budget.

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