GMIA Car Rental Center/ Milwaukee, WI

The new Rental Car Center at General Mitchell International Airport takes advantage of a 34’ wide space between the parking structure and the busy baggage claim access road. Positioned on grade between the two stair towers linking the terminal with the parking facilities, the location provides greater convenience and improved intuitive wayfinding. Panels of lightly sandblasted precast concrete provide the visual connection to the existing parking structure, while the gently curved front facade is a glass curtain wall.

The building houses seven rental car agencies of various sizes, a limousine service, and also offers valet parking. The transaction counters and offices are located inside of the parking structure, mandating lowered ceiling heights, while the public space extends outward with the new glass curtain wall. This architectural transparency aids customers in finding specific rental companies from the baggage claim, while visually enlivening the roadway.


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