Bradley School of Technology & Trade/ Milwaukee, WI

The two- and four-story building houses 1,400 students and is designed to identify its four different schools—Communication, Construction, Mechanics, and Transportation—within the building.  The long, barrel-shaped space contains all of the shops and labs, while the masonry clusters express the classroom spaces for the different academies.  The two-story north building houses all student support functions such as the library, food service, physical education, and administration. 

The 145’x 106’ gymnasium houses a WIAA-regulation-sized basketball court for varsity play and spectator seating.  It is overlaid with three practice courts for basketball, volleyball, and badminton. The facility includes adjoining meeting rooms, locker rooms, and equipment storage.  The gymnasium is overlooked by the wrestling, aerobics and weight rooms and is naturally daylit by clerestory windows. The facility also provides support and easy access to the outdoor football practice field.

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