MSOE Innovation & Technology Center /
Milwaukee, WI

The Innovation & Technology Center was developed to build on this company’s 26-year history of offering computer and software technology education for interns and graduates. Located on the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) campus in an historic building, the new center offers MSOE students a place to work side by side with professional IT engineers and faculty on new technology and innovation.

The building has been re-purposed into an award-winning work place for up to 100 engineers and interns. The vibrant and youthful space was voted “Milwaukee’s Coolest Office” in 2016. The whimsical interior design aims to encourage students to innovate, and reflects the creative individuals that work here. The center also serves as a key resource to develop and attract top-level IT professionals for their Milwaukee headquarters.


Milwaukee’s Coolest Office, 2020
Wisconsin Assoc. Historic Preservation, 2019

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