Waukesha Womens Center/ Waukesha, WI

The Waukesha Women’s Center provides comprehensive services that address issues of domestic violence, sexual assault, and abuse. In order to create a united campus, Continuum helped them through the City of Waukesha’s arduous rezoning process and plan commission approvals. This allowed a new campus design to move forward. 

The new three-story building was centrally located to provide residents with easy access to support services and the playground. The lower level contains a food pantry, indoor children’s area, and a volunteer room. The first floor houses the center’s program and counseling center. The second floor provides 32 emergency beds for those fleeing domestic violence, and the third floor consists of five two-bedroom apartments for transitional living. Each floor is distinctly separated for heightened security and to accommodate specific program needs. 

In 2019, the Waukesha Women’s Center began exploring the need for a new additon/expansion to their existing facilities. Continuum Architects completed a preliminary phase 2 massing and fit planning study to evaluate options for expansion on site. 

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