WEC Energy Group Oak Brook Service Center / Franklin, WI

This project encompassed a comprehensive overhaul of the entire lower office area, which comprised offices, training facilities, locker rooms, restrooms, and the ready room for the facility, originally built during the 1980s. WE Energies had a goal of revitalizing the exterior to establish a distinct and inviting entry point for both staff and visitors. By introducing new spatial standards, the project incorporated more collaborative areas for the staff, while also incorporating smaller individual workspaces that emphasized reduced paperwork and increased digital processes.

The new design incorporated enhanced natural lighting and introduced new features such as a variety of small, digitally rich collaboration spaces (for one to six individuals), a spacious conference room accommodating up to twelve people, flexible drop-in benching stations, a multipurpose emergency preparedness ready/training room, a compact ready room, a functional work café connected to an outdoor dining/working patio, a wellness room, a fitness center with a dedicated room for Briotix (focusing on musculoskeletal health).

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