Boys and Girls Club

Milwaukee, WI
Tenant Build-Out
Activated Iconic Urban Center


  • SUMMARY: Tenant Build-Out proposal for youth event and activity space
  • SIZE: 12,000 sf, One-story, tall-volume space
  • OWNER: Boys and Girls Club of Milwaukee
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“THE EXPERIENCE” is a proposal for an iconic urban center in the City, for the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee. The program called for a dynamic idea to design this space to activate our youth, their talent, and push their creativity in this global digital world in a unique and inspiring manner. The vision, aside from functionality, is to create a place where a high priority is placed on a creative dynamic space that is highly visible to build this organization and its brand within.

In order to harness the creativity of young adults we need to understand the digital making challenges and opportunities. This is the crux for delivering a successful design for a space located on block 7 of Bucks Development that the Boys and Girls Club of Milwaukee likes to call “The Experience”. In order to successfully activate this space, programming of the space becomes critical before starting to design it. Our team has harnessed the digital aptitude of youth and has designed a space where their collective synergies can flourish. Understanding that electronics isn’t voodoo is really powerful.

The arenas where these activities take place are within open collaborative spaces. To foster shared collaboration the space needs to be open and flexible. It should accommodate large number of youths in one room to gather, chat, work and hear mentor’s input to their work effort. These spaces need to be flexible and comfortable as desk type seating or use of technology in standing mode. Needless to say, the space has to have multi-device connectivity. Young adults gather with their laptops and mentors, huddle and exchange ideas. Large wall size computer screens that are capable of displaying smaller device screens are useful for large group viewing and discussions.

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