Masterplan: Hmong American Peace Academy

Milwaukee, WI
Award Winning School Plans for Growth, Community Integration

At A Glance

  • SUMMARY: Masterplanning for K-12 educational and community center
  • COMPLETION: 2020
  • CONSTRUCTION COST: $40 million
  • OWNER: Hmong American
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Project Overview

The Hmong American Peace Academy is the first Hmong charter school in Wisconsin. In order to address the projected growth in student population, and the need to integrate high academic standards with Hmong cultural values, the school developed a vision plan for an Inter-generational Educational Campus. The campus included several buildings that would expand the current school to accommodate 2000+ K through 12 students. Community and cultural services such as a museum, resource center, wellness center, and senior center were a key part of the masterplan and created an important bridge between the community and the school. The first phase of the masterplan which includes the high school classrooms, cafeteria, gymnasium, and academic offices will open its doors in Fall 2021.

The 3-story grand entry along 84th St. is a central architectural feature that acts as a beacon for the Hmong American people. It brings prestige and presence to the campus by symbolizing the commitment to educational excellence, and aspirations of the Hmong community.

Once the Phase 2 (Primary School) of the project is complete, it will enclose a central, secure courtyard. The courtyard is the heart of the campus, providing for a multi-use space where children from Early childhood to High school can participate in activity-based storytelling of Hmong culture, history and experience. Community functions such as senior and wellness center will also be functionally integrated in the courtyard to provide for an inter-generational space that is central to the school’s vision.

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