UW-Madison Police Department

Madison, WI
New Construction, Renovation
Updating Police Station's Appearance and Operability

At A Glance


  • SUMMARY: UW-Madison police station remodel
  • SIZE: 26,485 sf
  • COMPLETION: 2017
  • CONSTRUCTION COST: $4.2 million
  • OWNER: State of Wisconsin, Division of Facilities Development University of Wisconsin, Madison


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Project Overview

The University of Wisconsin Police Department (UWPD) provides police and security services to the University of Wisconsin Madison campus and is the third largest law enforcement agency in Dane County.  Its officers and support staff primarily serve UW Madison but also support UW System with critical incident support, emergency management planning and continuity of operations planning.

The Field Services Division provides police patrols, community police officers, housing liaison officers, building security patrols, building locking services, criminal investigations for all levels of crime, and educational presentations on law enforcement, personal safety and other topics.

This project will construct a 12,188 ASF/18,750 GSF addition to the University of Wisconsin Police Department’s building located at 1429 Monroe Street.  The addition will provide private and open office space, conference and training spaces for the department, as well as a secure sally-port entrance to the existing detainee unloading area so that officers have a safe area to load/unload detainees into the holding area.

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