UWM Granville Charette

Milwaukee, WI
Transforming underutilized property into community asset


  • SUMMARY: Charrette to develop a masterplan for existing underutilized property
  • SIZE: 40 acres
  • COMPLETION: 2017
  • OWNER: N/A
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Project Overview

As part of a charrette for the northwest area of Milwaukee known as Granville, Continuum was tasked with transforming an expansive, underutilized retail property into a new industrial park. We saw an opportunity to create a campus and a new image for Granville focused on environmental awareness, pedestrian integration and support for entrepreneurship.

A “green belt” across the length of the site creates pedestrian linkages, promoting walkability throughout the campus and acts as an invitation to the community to enjoy the area. The green belt includes detention and retention pond features, dramatically reducing stormwater runoff and harmful environmental impacts. A Phase II proposal includes a commercial mixed-use component along the north side of the site.

The contemporary architecture of the buildings is meant to foster an image of Granville as an innovative, forward-looking community.


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